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Maggie Tisserand's Front Line Essential Oil Blend
  • Maggie Tisserand's Front Line Essential Oil Blend
  • Maggie Tisserand's Front Line Essential Oil Blend
Maggie Tisserand's Front Line Essential Oil Blend - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Essential Oils are the aromatic substances found in many plants such as lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus, with each essential oil possessing many therapeutic properties, and this is the reason we have the word ‘aromatherapy’. Although successfully utilised for more than a hundred years to clear up a variety of health problems, it would be illegal for any practitioner or retailer of essential oils to make a specific medical claim.

Research shows that essential oils are antimicrobial – some proven to be antibacterial and a few being appraised for their potential antiviral effects. Worldwide microbiology lab research shows that essential oils can kill micro-organisms but so far there has been very little research conducted with essential oils and viruses. Although the common cold is caused by a virus for which there is no cure, many people make the general claim that they ‘stay free from winter colds by utilising essential oils.’

Front Line Essential Oil Blend has been formulated by Maggie Tisserand to support the immune system.

Ingredients (30 ml)

Maggie’s blend contains a mix of essential oils that are considered to be antiviral in many countries including Madagascar, New Caledonia and India. They include sandalwood, lemon eucalyptus, niaouli and two oils that are rare and hard-to-obtain*.  Blended and ready to use. The essential oil formulation is diluted in a base of pure jojoba oil - a liquid wax that will solidify when cold but liquefies at room temperature.

Niaouli  melaleuca viridiflora

Sandalwood  santalum album

Lemon eucalyptus eucalyptus citriodora


How to use

 Application of oil into the nasal cavity

Drip a few drops onto the palm of your hand or onto a dish.

Dip a cotton-bud/Q-tip/clean fingertip onto the oil and apply to the inside of the nostrils, as far up as you can comfortably reach.

Use before going to work for protection.  And before going to bed, apply again, to help your immune system protect you while you sleep.

If you are developing a cough

Apply the oil blend externally to the front of the neck + under the collarbone + down the sternum (breastbone) + the intercostal spaces (in-between the ribs).

Assembly of the aromatic inhaler

Drip some oil onto a dish. Place cotton wad on the dish and roll it across the oil to absorb the oil. Allow the cotton wad to absorb enough of the oil to last a good while.

Then add cotton wad to the inhaler and fit the end cap. The inhaler is now ready to use when required – at work, on a crowded train or other public transport.

To use

Remove cap and place inhaler a little way inside each nostril. Inhale. Begin with a little sniff and providing you like the aroma and there is no irritation, inhale more deeply.

Replace cap.

Take a few deep breaths just as you would when walking along a beach.

Stop using if any irritation occurs. Replacement inhalers are available on Amazon.

A message from Maggie Tisserand, author of six aromatherapy books including the International Bestselling book ‘Aromatherapy for Women’.

Front Line Essential Oil Blend + inhaler +information leaflet, has been part of an Immune Support Pack, sent out to NHS frontline workers during the early months of 2020. Many recipients have responded with enthusiastic and positive feedback.

This is a challenging time for all of us and staying healthy is the most important thing we can do – for ourselves, for our loved ones and for our country. Naturally, I am using my oil blend every time I return home from the supermarket or post office, as utilising essential oils at the first signs of infection has become an integral part of my everyday life. Essential oils have allowed me to avoid winter colds (for well over a decade) as well as annual influenza (for over three decades). So, when it comes to infections, my strategy has always been and will always be to ‘nip it in the bud’ rather than wait for an illness to become ‘full-blown’. Preventative medicine has always made perfect sense to me.

Essential oils are the aromatic substances found in many plants with much research detailing the antibacterial activity of essential oils but little virus-specific evidence. Yet I know there is great benefit to be gained from using my essential oil blend and anecdotal evidence received from frequent-flyer friends who have used the oil blend for many years, can be summed up as “proven to protect international air-travellers from respiratory infections.”