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Zeolites are naturally occurring minerals which have a unique, negatively charged, crystalline structure. Zeolites were formed when volcanic lava reacted with sea water, and have tiny pores throughout their structure. There are many types of zeolite in nature and it is the Clinoptilolite type which is useful for cleansing the human body of heavy metals and other postively charged toxins.

To be used effectively in humans zeolite has to be treated to remove all contamination, and to micronise it so that the particles are small enough to pass into the bloodstream. Zeolite has been used in powder form for centuries in some parts of the world. While powders are useful in cleansing as they pass through the digestive tract, they cannot cleanse the blood stream or pull toxins from the surrounding tissue.

The Zeolite products we sell are micronised, activated and supplied in liquid form (technically, a suspension of zeolite particles in water) so that the negatively charged zeolite particles can pass through the body, attracting toxins into their internal cages (pores) wherever they are sequestered in the body.

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