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FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser (formerly Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2)
  • FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser (formerly Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2)
  • FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser (formerly Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2)
  • FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser (formerly Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2)
  • FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser (formerly Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2)
  • FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser (formerly Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2)
  • FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser (formerly Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2)
FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser (formerly Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2) - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.


The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser is based on an innovative design with the latest technology and user-friendly features. This passive exerciser is a Class 1 Medical Device that gives stimulating exercise in a way that suits all ages, fitness levels and health conditions.

This model is an upgrade of the Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 2, which was discontinued some years ago.

To watch a video giving a short presentation on the FlexxiCore and the background to this class of passive exercise machines generally, please click here. (This video is hosted on our product showcase website at, where you will find an indepth library of information on the product).

We have two more coaching videos which help you to get the best out of the FlexxiCore, including extra mid-session positions and after-session floor exercises to increase the effects of releasing tension and giving extra flexibility. 

A key feature which distinguishes the FlexxiCore from the earlier machines in its class which originated in Japan is its fully programmed variable speed control. The speed can be dialled very precisely, in increments of 1 RPM, over a very broad range from 80 to 160 RPM. The gentle starting speed means that even those with great sensitivity or with seriously compromised health conditions can enjoy the benefits. The body's natural response to the FlexxiCore's swinging motion acts to stimulate the nervous system, and this helps to boost the body's own healing and energy systems.

Three pre-programmed Auto-Modes allow the user to enjoy variable speeds during a 15-minute session, without needing to use any manual controls. Shorter sessions can be chosen with the Timer Button, and the LCD screen on the hand control module allows you to see what speed you are doing, how many minutes you have left during your session, and to check all the other functions, at any time.

Built to Last: 

The heavy duty DC motor has a low-friction engineering design that offers a longer life (performs well under endurance tests based on 3000+ hours constant use under 20kg load), smoother ride, less noise and greater temperature resistance than the AC motors of the 1st-generation passive exercise machines in this class that originated in Japan - as well as having the capacity for smooth and precise programming with fully adjustable speed controls.

Using quality engineering and robust materials to withstand the interaction between the movement forces of the cradle and the user's weight, the FlexxiCore  is built to last and comes with a 2-year Manufacturers' Warranty - which can be extended to 3 or 4 years with a small extra payment.

1-year extra warranty on the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser  **

2-years extra warranty on the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser  **

For the full technical details of this unique product and the background to this class of passive exerciser generally, you can visit our product showcase website at

The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser is sold with the benefit of a generous 60-day Money Back Guarantee. Try it at home for 60 days without obligation! If you are ready to purchase now, please first refer to the contraindications in the Important Notices, and then click on the Add to Cart button at the top of this page.

Two-level Money Back Guarantee Policy:

1. No Quibble 60-day Money Back Guarantee giving a full refund if not satisfied – no questions asked! (See straightforward conditions.

2. TWO-YEAR* Manufacturer’s Warranty covering faulty parts and workmanship (Subject to normal conditions of use)

* Extended Warranty also available

Delivery costs:

Delivery to UK mainland: £8.75 (£14.95 for 2 units to the same address).

Delivery to Northern Ireland £18.75 (£28.75 for 2 units to the same address). 

For other destinations including UK offshore, please select the appropriate shipping option* when you place your order. You can use the Shipping Calculator to calculate the amount before you start the order process. 

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Health Practitioner purchases:

These products are popular for use in clinic and other healthcare and fitness settings, and we offer special discounts to qualified healthcare and fitness practitioners. For more details, please email us with a summary of your professional status and qualifications.

Bulk purchases:

We offer a special 20% discount on the 2nd unit, if you buy 2 units at the same time, for delivery to the same address. There is an even bigger discount for 4 units or more. The delivery cost is also reduced for the 2nd, 4th and 6th units. For example, the delivery charge for one unit is £8.75 to UK mainland, but you will pay only £14.95 for delivery of 2 units; or £28.75 for 4 units.

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