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Magneton by Vergari
  • Magneton by Vergari
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The Magneton is a revolutionary tool that uses magnetic field therapy for accelerating the repair of soft tissue and relaxing stiff joints. It is effective both in humans and animals.
The Magneton is the World’s first Magne-Photon Massaging device for your daily use in the home.
The Magneton works by activating and stimulating the vibrational capacity of the body's cells in the area penetrated by the magnetic field. Results can be immediate.
Due to the depth of actual magnetic field penetration being up to 20 inches, it is not necessary to touch the injured area with the Magneton. If there is severe sensitivity, for example burns or bruising, simply move the Magneton in a gently sweeping motion over the entire area, a few inches above the skin.


The effect will be the same whether or not you actually touch the area with the Magneton - which can be done if the massage effect is desirable as well as the magnetic field effect. If working with a nervous person or skittish animal – work on them without touch.  

The Magneton is an upgraded version of the Norstar Magnessage which was originally designed by Gloria Vergari in 1999.  is now working with new technology and the Magneton was developed by Gloria in conjunction with Jim Souder of Chapel Hill Research Lab, USA (Magnetics) and Dr Komuro of Tokyo, Japan for the added element of Photon Platinum (a light therapy).