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Norstar Neo
  • Norstar Neo
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The Norstar Neo disks are versatile elements in Norstar's line of static magnet therapy products. They are invaluable to have at home, work and especially during travel. Each 1" disk offers a deep, fast approach to relief from soft tissue injury, whether from arthritis. pulled muscles, tendons or torn ligaments. The Neo will play a large part in the relief of pain and the reduction of inflamed and swollen joints, and is suitable for the whole family. Use it like a 'plaster for pain'.

Norstar uses only the highest grade Neodymium material, which is processed to our specification. In this way we can control the depth of penetration our customers will receive and results will depend on this.We expect one Neo will be effective over a radius of 6 to 8 inches and penetrate 5 to 6 inches into the area. The Neo is then covered in a non-allergenic coating, to allow this healing to take place safely and comfortably.

Using medical tape, simply place the Neo with the North Pole towards the body and wait for the results.

Can be used safely and effectively on most parts of the body.

The Neo will hold it's magnetic strength for 15 years.

manufacturer power rating
12,300 gauss core/1,500 gauss surface
pack contains:
2 x 1 inch High Quality Neodymium magnets