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NCD Liquid Zeolite
  • NCD Liquid Zeolite
NCD Liquid Zeolite - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
Waiora's NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite ("Natural Cellular Defense") is a liquid mineral health supplement that is one of the safest and most effective detoxifiers available today. For more background on this unique product, please go to our Liquid Zeolite Detox page.

Although other liquid zeolite products are currently available on the internet, only Waiora's NCD - the original "Liquid Zeolite" - has solid scientific research behind it. NCD uses Clinoptilolite, a particular type of Zeolite that has been thoroughly researched* and has been classified as safe to use. This is not the case with most of the other forms of zeolite found in nature.

* for peer-reviewed clinical studies see Dove Press Journal - we can provide copies on request.

The wide gulf in quality between NCD and some similar products has recently been highlighted by independent tests. Two brands which claim to give results equivalent or superior to NCD were found by independent labs to have very small amounts of zeolite in them, and in one case the traces of zeolite found could not be identified as Clinoptilolite.

Unlike other products we are selling on our website, NCD liquid zeolite is sold via a networking marketing system. We have been inspired to sell this product (and also the MegaDefense super-mushroom blend, which is also produced by Waiora) simply because of its unique qualities and the absence of any alternatives that we feel comfortable as offering similar levels of efficacy.

NCD is available in Plastic or Glass Bottles
The standard bottle is a 15mL (300 drops) PET bottle (the plastic material is inert to the ingredients of NCD). We also supply NCD2 - which has a stronger concentration of zeolite - in a 15mL Glass Bottle with rubber & glass drop dispenser. This is £1.75 per bottle more expensive than the standard bottle. To order glass bottles (known as "NCD2"), please click here. To order standard bottles of original NCD, please click the Add to Cart button above.

Pricing: Waiora recently closed their European warehouse so we now have to import from USA. With Sterling also having lost value against the US Dollar in the last year, we have been forced to raise our prices. We are doing our best to keep our prices as low as we can while remaining sustainable. NCD is currently £1.75 per bottle cheaper than NCD2.

Euro Prices:
If you wish to pay for your order in Euros (€), or other currency, your card issuer will automatically convert the GBP price into your own currency. We do not add anything to the price paid by you. If you prefer to have a fixed price in Euros quoted for your order, you can request this by emailing us at

For larger orders, please call or email us to request a delivery price.

For orders in Europe, Air Mail shipping costs (with compensation for loss or damage up to GBP 250.00) are GBP 9.75 for one bottle; GBP 11.75 for 2, 3 or 4 bottles, and GBP 13.85 for 5 bottles or more (maximum of 3 x 3-packs = 9 bottles). For larger orders, or prices in Euros, please send your enquiry here

Delivery to countries outside Europe
For delivery to countries outside Europe, please email us at to request a price.

Wholesale Enquiries

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of NCD - which would allow you to order directly at wholesale prices but also start receiving income for selling the products &/or introducing others - please send us an email requesting more information about becoming a Distributor.