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Zeolites are naturally occurring crystalline minerals formed over millions of years by the process of crystallization of volcanic ash submerged in the sea or in fresh water lakes. These mineral compounds, which are mined in many places throughout the world, have been a common ingredient in traditional Asian remedies for over a thousand years. Today, zeolites are often used as food additives, to purify water and by the pharmaceutical industry. They were even used extensively to clean up radiation after the Chernobyl nuclear power station disaster.

Zeolites are the subject of an increasing amount of medical research because of their remarkable ability to "mop up" toxins. Why is there a need to remove toxins? This paragraph is an extract from a clinical study on the effects of using a ground-breaking zeolite product to accelerate the excretion of heavy metal toxins:

Across the globe, heavy metal toxins and other pollutants are ubiquitous in our environment. These pollutants exist in our air, water, and food supplies, our workplaces, even our homes and automobiles. The human physiological system has many mechanisms in place for excreting these contaminants, through sweating, incorporation into hair and nails, defecation and urination. However, the ability to excrete and eliminate these environmental toxins is highly variable by individual phenotype as well as the nature of the contaminant. As such, these toxins are also metabolized and processed to render them “less toxic” through processes including sequestration [in the body] in adipose, brain and muscle tissue. This buildup often occurs very slowly and can eventually result in clinically significant levels of heavy metals that result in disease 

The oral zeolite supplement used in these clinical trials was Waiora's "NCD activated liquid zeolite".

For a full introduction to NCD ['Natural Cellular Defense"] and the need for and benefits of detox, you can listen to this 20 minute audio by Rik Deitsch, the product developer, and several practicing American physicians who prescribe NCD, by clicking here.

The reason for NCD Liquid Zeolite's ability to absorb toxins from all parts of the body is down to three main factors:
  • its strongly negative charge, which attracts heavy metals and other positively charged substances;
  • its honeycomb-like molecular structure which has a huge amount of surface area in a very small space, and is therefore able to trap a very large number of toxic ions (in an "ion-exchange process"), helping to safely remove them from the body; and
  • its extremely small particle size - which, thanks to Waiora's proprietary manufacturing process, is small enough to allow the zeolite to enter the blood stream, unlike most powdered zeolite products which simple remain in the digestive tract.
A series of clinical studies is underway to verify the efficacy of NCD, and the first of these has recently been published in a peer-reveiwed medical journal, demonstrating that "daily use ...represents a potentially safe and effective way to remove toxic heavy metals from the body through increased urinary excretion without removing clinically detrimental amounts of vital electrolytes." This publication is available at Dove Press Journal.  A White Paper desribing the results of a study with 90 coal miners in West Virginia is available here.

An indepth library of information on NCD - including videos - and the science behind it is available at this website.

NCD liquid zeolite has been described by health guru Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Founding Director of the Tree of Life Center in USA, as "very different from supplements that add to well-being, but are not essential." He says "I take Natural Cellular Defense, and I feel that everyone living in the industrial world should be taking it on a regular basis. Natural Cellular Defense is simple, elegant, extraordinary, and vital for healthy living in today's toxic world."
NCD is also recommended to visitors to the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, as part of their daily protocol.

Please be aware that there are other Zeolite products that have come onto the market in the wake of NCD's success - but which may in fact be very different from NCD in their potential efficacy. The fact that they contain Zeolite in some form does not mean that they can replicate the detoxification capability of NCD, nor does it mean that they are safe to use.

For example, the results of independent tests that were conducted by several independent third-party laboratories in the USA to assess the claim by the suppliers of the ZNatural brand that it is equivalent or superior to NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite are quite shocking. These results have been compiled in a 3-page document which you can read here.

Another study on the ACZnano Liquid Zeolite brand has been published with even more shocking results. Amongst other findings, the labs could only find a trace amount of zeolite in the product, and the zeolite they found was apparently not the Clinoptilolite type of zeolite (the only one that has been thorougly researched and found to be effective and safe for use in humans). The lab report states "ACZnano (was) without significant clinoptilolite in the product" and "Si:Mg:Al ratio not consistent with Clinoptilolite." These results can be read here.

A commentary on these results is also available here - or you can read it at the following independent website which has comprehensive information on Liquid Zeolite -

NCD is not only extremely effective in removing heavy metals such as mercury from the body, wherever they are sequestered, but is considered very safe to use in normal circumstances*. Zeolite has been given GRAS status by the FDA (the US government's Food & Drug Administration) - "Generally Recognised As Safe".

* The only cautions we must add to this statement in relation to NCD are as follows:

Zeolite may remove from the body supplemental lithium and the chemotherapy agents cisplatin and carboplatin, both of which contain platinum. It appears to be safe to begin or resume taking NCD liquid zeolite 3 days after using cisplatin and carboplatin, and 2 days after using other chemotherapies. If you wish to use NCD while taking lithium, please consult your physician.

Please note that, If you are an insulin-dependent diabetic, you should be aware that liquid zeolite may lower your need for insulin.


Why is it that NCD is apparently so much more effective than the other zeolite products in powdered form that are on the market? Rik Deitsch is the Biochemist responsible for bringing NCD to market, who recently gave a lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. He states that NCD is approximately 20 times more effective than powdered zeolite and the other so-called liquid zeolite products to be found on the market. His basis for making that statement is that in the case of NCD, the molecular cage has been emptied of all of its contaminants as the result of the proprietary 10-stage manufacturing process for NCD - which creates more space (90 square feet surface area per gram of zeolite!!), and a higher magnetic attraction to the positively charged toxic molecules (heavy metals, chemicals, Volatile Organic Compounds etc.) that it attracts into its molecular cage structure. Although some other suppliers of zeolite products have found various ways of suspending zeolite powder in water (often including the use of questionable additives such as humic and fulvic acids), they have not got access to the extremely efficient proprietary process used by Waiora. Waiora's manufacturing process is performed to pharmaceutical industry standards and involves multiple stages and very high temperatures - in order to completely empty the zeolite cage and micronize the particles to a size capable of allowing penetration into the bloodstream.

Because Waiora's manufacturing process micronizes the zeolite to below 5 microns in particle size, it is capable of entering the blood stream as well as the digestive tract, which allows it to work systemically, rather than just working locally in the large and small intestines as does powdered Zeolite.

To read more about NCD Liquid Zeolite's many benefits, please read &/or download this leaflet:


Summary of Key Health Benefits: 11 key reasons why activated liquid zeolite is such a unique and extraordinary product

For more background on Liquid Zeolite, please follow this link - including testimonials from physicians and users who have benefited. For more on the background to the various competing Zeolite products, please refer to the brands comparison page at - an independent and very informative website.

The products listed below include MegaDefense - another ground-breaking product from Waiora which combines Zeolite with a powerful blend of 6 immune-modulating Mushrooms offers very powerful immune system support .